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Onetouch home and kitchen


Simply touch the screen integrated
into your kitchen’s decor to easily watch tv, access your music and photo library, search for recipes on the internet, skype family and friends… and much more.


Combine internet, digital media and home entertainment with fully integrated home security and automation – user-friendly control that until now you could only dream about.

Onetouch control

OneTouch connects with nearly
everything. Control all your home
systems from one simple touch
screen interface.

Home Automation

Home Automation: The integration and control of lighting, security, home theatre equipment, motorised blinds and curtains, irrigation systems, climate control and more.

Home Automation: A true 'smart' home should be simple to use, meaning everyone in the family can operate and enjoy. The result is a ‘smart home system’ that enhances and simplifies life, never complicates it.

Home Automation: This is where you get the latest technology.... Home Automation can be more affordable than you think. ili One Touch dispels the consideration that Home Automation is expensive. Dispense with separate controllers for underfloor heating, irrigation and pool pumps and enjoy the ease of control from your integrated OneTouch and smartphone.

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Smart Home Wiring

Smart Home Wiring: The backbone of the Smart Home automation system. Any Smart Home installation must, first and foremost, start with a detailed Smart Home cabling schedule. Quality specification, documentation and installation together with the knowledge and expertise brought by ili Limited ensures reliability, performance and longevity.

Smart Home Wiring: The ili One Touch system gains its superb reputation, in part, from the importance ili places on the Smart Home Wiring process.

It is highly recommended that today all new homes are Smart Home Wired during construction as a minimum. Providing the potential for the installation of technology in the future is essential. True ‘future proofing’ in the face of ever increasing technological development.

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Safety & Security

Home security: Home Security with options for door and gate access control, cameras, video, and remote management from an iPhone or Smart phone. ili security and access systems are remarkably simple to operate, securing your home with One Touch ease.

Home security: Today home security means a saving in monitoring costs. A breach of your home security system activates a txt, email or phone communication. CCTV images instantly streamed from multiple cameras directly to your choice of locations including an iPhone or smartphone. Utilise Multi Room Audio to notify the intruder throughout the home of his/her detection by a loud recorded intimidating message.

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Remote Control

Remote Control: The ili One Touch system is remotely controlled in it’s entirety from any room within the home or from anywhere around the world with access to WiFi hotspot or cellular data. Simplicity and functionality are key here. Eliminate the myriad of remotes that clutter your home and replace with an ‘easy to use’ iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

Remote Control: Control your music, movies and much more. Set what you want to listen to or watch from the comfort of your room, simply switch the system off before you go to sleep with the goodnight button on your OneTouch or iPad. The system will then go into night mode, activating predetermined security and lighting settings for the night.

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Home Theatre and Home Entertainment

Home Theatre: Big screen surround sound right there in your living room. Discrete yet very impressive. A range of quality options to suit your needs and your budget. Home Theatre for your dedicated home theatre room - or transform your lounge/living room to a home theatre with One Touch. Large format HD 3D television or a quality projector and fully automated screen. Speakers can be discretely mounted in the ceiling or walls and painted to suit, screens and projectors can retract into the ceiling when the system is turned off.

Home Theatre and Home Entertainment: The ili OneTouch installed in your home becomes your dedicated media sever where you store all your digital media and distribute throughout the home. A cost effective yet powerful Home Entertainment Appliance that provides the platform for seamless, simple home entertainment.

Better yet affordable.

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Multi Room Audio

Multi Room Audio: Superb quality and surprisingly affordable. Multi Room Audio in every room simply controlled by your iPad, iPhone or smartphone from anywhere in the home.

Multi room Audio: The ili One Touch solution is a single, centralised multi-room system that gives you the freedom to enjoy your music and/or entertainment wherever you want it. All streamed directly from the OneTouch or from one of many other possible sources. Multi Room Audio functionality with seamless simplicity.

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Lighting Control

Lighting Control: Use Lighting Control to transform your home with light. Bring your home to life after dark with ili Lighting Control. Eliminate unsightly switches and provide the lighting impact your home deserves. Set the scene and the mood for your occasion with the use of colour RGB - LED lighting. Stunning lighting is easy to achieve and can be simply controlled from your OneTouch, iPad or smartphone. Light quality is rapidly improving, becoming more efficient and affordable so too is Lighting Control.

Lighting Control - Security: Use specific lighting patterns to give the appearance that someone is home while you are away. Turn on all the lights and flash them inside and outside the home when there is an intruder or in the event of a fire. Configure lighting to suit you.

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Energy Management

Energy Management: As energy prices continue to climb, energy efficiency within the home environment is becoming a significant consideration. The ili OneTouch system saves energy by controlling towel rails, heating and pool pumps. By dimming lighting and automatically turning off equipment when you are away. Turn off the power to unused equipment saving the standby power and schedule larger loads such as hot water and pool pumps to run at night using off-peak rates.

Automatic control of curtains and blinds - keep the heat out and let the warmth in as and when required. With the installation of an ili Energy Monitoring System gain an understanding of where energy is being used. Research shows that by simply understanding energy usage a 10% saving in energy is obtainable.